Friday, October 28, 2011

Religious Idenity Online

Does digital media strengthen or weaken individual's ability to construct or perform their religious identity? New digital media has created multiple channels through which individuals can express themselves or connect with others in numerous ways. In my opinion, digital media strengthens an individual’s ability to perform their religious identity. Much of a persons identity in the current era is expressed not only offline, but online as well with the increased use of technology over the last decade. According to Lövheim, author of "Identity", for many individuals, digital media is used for “self-reflection and social interaction, to enhance ones personal views of religion.” Creating an identity online through the use of religious websites provides an easily accessible connection with a particular religion of ones choice where they can establish themselves within the community. Thus forming a religious identity. For example, a social network website allows for the individual to create their own identity. There one can express religious beliefs and portray their ideal version of them self.  According to Lövheim, “an online identity is established or concealed by the information one wishes to be presented” through a website or another medium of communication of self-expression. Through digital media, one can reflect and express their religious beliefs and thus, through digital media one can strengthen their ability to perform their religious identity.

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